AWESOME ADVENTURE IN THE RICE FIELDS The most beautiful rice fields of Bali belongs to you

Welcome to Bali !

Un-for-gettable ! It's the adventure which you go to live here, with Bali By Quad.

You will cross magnificent panoramas, will go up and down one of the most beautiful part of rice fields terraces in Bali, will pass in the Balinese jungle, will drive in a river, but also stop to private hot water sources and meet local farmers. Alone on your quad, or with your beloved one on the back, it’s up to you !

Recognized as the most beautiful Quad activity of the Island of the Gods, it will also be one of the best souvenir you will bring back home.
You can combine this awesome adventure with other options, quite exclusive, if you want it, and appreciate Balinese specialities in a famous restaurant with fantastic view on the rice fields...

Welcome in the real Bali !

A wide choice in a wide panorama

Bali quad - Single Quad Tour

Single Quad Tour

Bali quad - The Tamdem Quad Adventure

The Tandem Quad Adventure

Bali by quad - Work and plant rice with the local farmer

Work and plant rice with the local farmer

Bali quad - Adventure tours in Bali

Alone in the world

Bali by quad - Hot water sources

Hot water sources in sight !

The poetry of the Bali's Butterflies

The poetry of the Bali's Butterflies

Bali quad - Adventure tours in Bali

Stay all together !

Balibyquad : a full day rickshaw adventure

Exclusive : a full day rickshaw adventure

Bali kopi

Bali Kopi for everybody

Balibyquad - Hiking in Bali

Hiking and planting rice in the fields

Bali by quad - Adventure tours in Bali

The full package !

Balibyquad - United Tourism Bali

United Tourism

Bali quad - Discover Bali by quad


Rice fields of Bali

Unusual encounters

Rice fields of Bali

The Nature smiles to you

Holidays in family in Bali

Family on board

Holidays in family in Bali

The Big Paradise of the small ones

Holidays in Bali

His Tour, and her Tour

Bali quad - Rice fields of Bali

Exceptional Panorama

Balinese jungle

The Jungle Book


Visit of a traditional house

Bali - Rice

The attic in the sun

Balinese meal

Balinese meal

Bali Offering lessons

Bali Offering lessons

Discover the Island of the Gods

The adventure by Quad

Drive a quad and live an awesome adventure, alone, with someone in the back, in a group or in family !
Quads are full automatic and of a childish simplicity to be driven.
An unforgettable way to discover the most beautiful rice fields of the world.
If you have a sports temperament, or if you like simply the original way to discover a country, this is really made for you. In those rice fields terraces, sport is just next the beauty of the nature.
Ready ? Go !

The Bali Butterfly park

Join us to have a walk in the charming Bali Butterfly Park. Peace and beauty will be there.
In this park, where the Balinese people bring daily cocoons and caterpillars, you will see all the butterflies endemic varieties of the Island.
Butterflies of rare beauty, with incredible colors, among which some are more than 20 centimeters wide.
Some will even come to settle quietly on you ...

The rickshaw program

Discover the Island thanks to a full day rickshaw adventure.
The first part is a quiet hiking-promenade in the famous Jatiluwih area and, after it, with your rickshaw, you will go downhill and cross small typical villages.
Stop for a Bali offering lesson with a lovely grandma, and after the balinese lunch in front of the rice fields terraces, you will meet the local farmer and work with him for a while.
To end this exclusive program : visit to the Bali Butterfly park on the way back to your hotel !

The farmer work session

Share an intense and rare moment with the local farmer.
You will work together for a while, on the most traditional way. You will plant the rice, you will plough with the buffalo, you will harvest, you will carry the hanging basket on your shoulder...
Another unforgettable souvenir.

Tours & Prices

You have the choice, according to the size of your group or family, your personal desires or your passion of the adventure, among many different and lovely Tours.
A quad tour in the rice fields, a hiking-promenade between rice paddies and jungle, the visit of the Bali Butterfly Park, a rickshaw downhill full day program, a working session with the farmer in the field, or a mix of all these...
Everything is possible and you can combine it as you want. At Bali By Quad, we are there only to realize your dreams.

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